UCD Guinea


The idea of UCD creation came to my mind in the year 2010, after my return back into Guinea, my native land.  I left my village, Beta (Betah), in the prefecture of Yomou, for Galakpaye, a village of the same prefecture.  I was about five years old when a family conflict forced my mother, my sister and I to move to this new place, after the death of my father.  I also left the above mentioned town, at the age of seven years for the neighboring country of Liberia. The occasion was to accompany my elder sister to the marriage.

My brother-in-law took almost two years to convince my sister and my mother to let me go to school, instead of learning a mechanical trade. This approach was to learn a trade.  It was the choice of my sister who wanted to see me learning a quick profession that could permit me to meet the economic needs of my helpless widow mother. 

However he was able to explain to them his idea or desire why he wanted me to achieve education first. He made them understand that he could foresee in me a man with a brighter future, whose time should not be wasted in a garage. Then he enrolled me in the Zaweata Elementary and Junior High School in Bong Mine where I completed the ninth grade.  I was later sent to Kakata, at Saint Christopher High School in the class of tenth grade, where I ended successfully my secondary education.

Then I further enrolled at the LU, the University of Liberia, majoring in social sciences and Economics. Later when the civil war started, I left Liberia and trained and educated myself in the courses of business especially in the field of Import-Export of commodities. I worked hard to realize my dreams and my oath from childhood to go back to my country Guinea, one day in order to contribute to its development.