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UCD Guinea

History of UCD

As told by the Founder and President Amadson Kollie

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The idea of UCD creation came to my mind in the year 2010, after my return back into Guinea, my native land.  I found my country in deplorable conditions, being one of the poorest countries of West Africa, and even the World, despite its rich and abundant natural resources.

While conducting my business activities, I was introduced to Mr. Mulvey, the President and CEO of Peak Global. Peak with its experience in due diligence, logistical support and security, identified several opportunities in Liberia and became a founding member and participant in management of a large alternative energy project, which also contributed in the development in the local community and was one of the biggest employers of local manpower within Liberia.

After meeting with Mr. Mulvey, I was invited to join him on his travels and helped in the management of other projects which included Ghana, Mali and Cote d’ Voire to represent and support his initiatives, maintaining several positions within management. After finishing my assignments, I went back to my homeland of Guinea in order to pay my debt towards its future development.

2011, Mr. M Mulvey continues to support local initiatives with U.C.D. and is currently working with several international companies to help develop strategies as well as platforms for investment and development. These projects range from the Security of Guineas Forestry, Agricultural projects as well as financially supporting community development throughout the Country through Union for Community Development (U.C.D.).

After a keen assessment of the situation, I realized that the lateness of the economic, social and political development is due to the lack of maturity of some politicians who spread all over that there is no security in my country Guinea. When I heard about this allegation, I could not bear it anymore for my country to deserve such a bad image and reputation in front of the International Community.  Since I was a social sciences student, I began to defend the contrary of this declaration of  “non security“ on the face of my country before the international community and my friends and colleagues that I am working with.

I told them that there is security in Guinea and it is wrong to claim there is no security.  Guinea is not in the state of emergency, but Guinea may have problems of insecurity, like countries where there is war situation such as Iraq, Liberia, Sierra Leone, Somalia and even Côte d’Ivoire that was divided into two parts. I then took my responsibility as a citizen to explain to my colleagues, that Guinea is not divided into two parts like the above mentioned countries by a war or a rebellion action. It proves that Guinea has a fundamental law of government that is applied in Conakry the capital city, as well as in the rest of the four regions of the country.

Meanwhile, I noticed also that my country suffers from neglected cultural values and the increase of criminal attitudes. Subsequently this situation gave way to the total indiscipline in all the governmental and social services and ethnic cleansing. Therefore, these are the main cause of the late development of Guinea at all levels: socially, economically and politically. It is for this reason for which I engaged myself, as son of this country, to call upon my classmates, my colleagues that we work together and their contacts to come and realize my dreams of a sustainable and viable development for my people especially, the young people. To show my deep interest in what I am proposing to them, I then used my little funds, earned abroad, to let them come invest and live in Guinea because my people are lovely and hospitable, as they do it elsewhere where there are problems of security or insecurity. This is the main content of my campaign in favor for sustainable and viable economical development of my country.

When I reached back home, my first occupation was to take care of the different reserved forests in the four regions of Guinea to make them useful, not only for the Government but also for the individuals owning or living in the surroundings of these forests to benefit economically and socially such as in the area of:

  • Biodiversity restoration
  • Community empowerment and engagement in forest protection
  • Wildlife protection
  • Reinforcement and support of any existing infrastructures and of forest personnel.

This project is also to supplement revenues by the introduction of Conservation Tourism.  It provides the country with tourism revenue and highlights the positive impact of my country to a wider audience. This activity aims at the development of the revenues of the country by the coming of the tourists from all over the world to Guinea.

To achieve my goal I personally invited the know-how forestry experts on my own expense, to come and evaluate the deplorable forest degradation that is taking place in the forests of Guinea. I received this information by the assistance of Mme Christine Sagno- National Directress of the Forestry Department -who introduced me to the Minister of Environment-Mr. Nyankoye Georges Delamou- to identify all necessary information concerning the 156 reserved forests of Guinea.

During my tours in the forest region of Guinea I unfortunately noticed among my people of Guinea the lack of national unity. This situation delayed and brought the country development to a knee, particularly the forest region. The Guerzes think matters concerning only the Guerzes (kpèlè); and the Toma (Loma), likewise the rests of the four regions of Guinean tribes, think the same way, which is the total ethnic cleansing, causing the development lateness, and indiscipline at all levels of the development that is on its knees.

This above mentioned situation moved me to think of the unification of my people of Guinea and to create the NGO (Non Governmental Organization) called UCD (Union of Communities for Development), to provide any action towards the development. So I decided, along with some people, namely Mr. Oscar T. Loua, Mr. Eric M. Monemou, Mr. Robert S. Sandouno and Nouan Camara, to visit all the coordinations representing the different prefectures of Guinea, with traditional cola nuts. After this process of cola nuts to my people, there were eleven other founding members who accompanied me in my cause for a real and sustainable development.

But I was disappointed by their reply, that all the ideas that I’m proposing to them in Guinea, as they said, my proposition for the unification was not something or idea new to them. Because they said they had already applied them without any positive results or success. Therefore I’m wasting my time and will not succeed in my endeavors and never unify or unite the people of Guinea.

But I promised that I have my own approach, and have the skills and intelligence to bring people together.  They definitely stopped supporting my ideas, and rejected all my propositions I made to them.  So, at this point, I felt rejected and lonely on the development battle field of my country Guinea.

One morning I had the idea of creating an NGO with the draft of its names. I called Oscar LOUA to accompany me to meet my legal advisers namely Me. Frederick SIDIBE (lawyer), and Me Roger KPOGOMOU (notary), that are also in charge of all legal documentations of my company PEAK GUINEA.

I told them that I wanted to create an NGO. Me SIDIBE encouraged me to go ahead but advised me to choose just few people to start with the process. Moreover he suggested that I should be the only person to sign on the statute; that would avoid confusion in the future. The main aim of the NGO called UCD is to facilitate the unification and the development of my people.

Mr. Oscar and Mr. Robert SANDOUNO, both of them even suggested some names as well and we finally retained the present name of UCD, meaning Union of Communities for Development. This final name shows and explains better my vision for the unification of my people of Guinea, regardless of ethnic origin for its development.

The above mentioned realities caused me to create what we call today UCD.  To give more consideration to UCD and its legality, I declared it to the Ministry of Interior and Territorial Administration in order to receive the legal certification of the NGO, which we thereafter obtained on the 30th March 2011.

After the creation of UCD I sent for Mr. Rojas LOUA one of the founding members to whom I proposed him a sketch of the flag and he perfectly designed as I proposed. And he also designed our logo. His designed logo was chosen as the best among the ones of many other designers. Later his designed logo on the flag was accepted and only modified by our International Consultant of UCD, Mr. Mark MULVEY who made known our NGO-UCD worldwide through the web-site.

During all the creation process of UCD, Logo and Flag, Mr. Fortunate KALOU BI LORI English and French Professor, accompanied me in all steps and all documentation of UCD to be known internationally.

After the above mentioned process, I called upon my colleague Mr. M MULVEY to come help realize my dreams of sustainable development for my people in Guinea-Conakry. Upon his arrival, I appointed him Vice President, Director for Administrative and Financial Affairs/ Director for External Relationships and Funds Raising for UCD. This ceremony was overwhelmingly welcome by all the founding members on 8th April 2011. Mr. M MULVEY, V P of UCD, has been with me shoulder to shoulder in both financial and moral support.

For almost five months, I gathered around me people of all regions of Guinea to explain them my ideology. That consists in laying first the basis of a real and sustainable development.  This is to reconstruct the cultural values that have disappeared. This is a situation that caused indiscipline in all the private and public services that led to the economic collapse of the country.  So, I target mainly to renew our cultural values before any good and sustainable development that can be guaranteed.

Besides, I also aim at the respect of the fundamental laws of our country which everyone seems to despise.  UCD wants the restoration of social order within Guinea before any development can be possible.  And as a son of this country, I considered all non-development and economic lateness of Guinea Conakry to be the responsibility of all Guineans, in and out of the country.  Therefore, I took this approach and created the UCD for a viable development of my people, especially the young people.

Everybody has relied on the government to meet the majority of the needs and to undertake concrete actions of development for them, which is a wrong attitude. Nobody wants to do things that can help the country or the community in which they live.

UCD seeks therefore to give capacities or to empower individuals or groups of people by providing them the skills that they need to create change in their own communities. UCD wants also to upgrade the cultural education of the people and restore the academic discipline that had disappeared. UCD wants for the new generation to get rid of the old mind of depending on the government; Let all inhabitants in Guinea consider themselves as potential and valuable resources for the development of their people and their communities, by considering themselves as government and undertaking concrete actions to improve their own living standard and that of their communities. Therefore, the change of this mentality must begin in the family which is the base of any cultural and social development of a nation.

I therefore urged my people to know that it is not necessarily compulsory to wait for the presidential seat to help one’s country. I asked my people who want to be president, to do something or develop their own region or the country first, so if the people see what you have done, and if they choose you, you will be the choice of the people of the nation, and no one will go against.

Yours sincerely

Nyankoye GBATALA commonly known as Mr. Amadson KOLLIE Founding President of UCD

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